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Facebook Continues Unconsented Invasion of Privacy December 13, 2009

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Even though I’m not on facebook for privacy reasons, there is still an inherent flaw that facebook collects info on non-users. It’s done by installing the facebook application on the blackberry which then gives the owner the choice of storing the blackberry contact list on facebook.

Also, recently facebook upgraded its privacy controls to allow people posting content to control who sees each and every piece of content – but if you noticed, the wizard’s default is to open all the info to everyone again! I was so close to signing up and then poof, they try to pull another one over people’s eyes. Can’t wait for a truly open-source social network solution to exist.

I also can’t wait till google voice comes up with its service in canada where disposable numbers and email address will become the norm! I really have to be ghost in the meantime.