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Improving Blog Traffic October 11, 2007

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As a relatively new blogger, I’ve often wondered how I want to portray my writings and have begun to make it a higher priority over the last few weeks. One of the best things about blogging is that it is a way to hold myself accountable publicly. I’m listing a few questions and their answers for what I see VannevarVision to be.

What am I blogging about?

internet, information retrieval, online social networks, some eclipse programming

Who is my audience?

researchers or those interested in the more technical details of the topics listed

Do I want readers to keep coming back?

of course, I think I have interesting things to say

What is my target post rate?

currently at least once a week, I will get this down to once a day.

Most Importantly… What is my motivation?

I have a voice, I have a pretty good idea of what I’m talking about, I will make a change somewhere that will affect readers like you. I have valuable experiences to draw from and I’d like to be remembered amongst the archives 100 years down the road when someone is digging through trying to piece my biography together to determine what kind of foods I ate, not to mention how many beers I drank. It’d be nice in the future for my kids when they’re looking through the old-school internet and see that I was serious about my work.

Why Now?

nothing like the present, I don’t need my forebrain smacked in the form of a wakeup call