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Rogers Motorola Razr does not support Yahoo! Go January 11, 2007

Posted by shahan in random.

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Rogers Motorola Razr phones are not supported by Yahoo! Go even though their webpage mentions it does. I even tried by entering my phone number then navigating to the SMS-ed link. I really wanted to give their claim of efficient search results a shot. Here’s their relevant excerpt:

Mobile search redefined

Finally, mobile search that really works! Introducing Yahoo! oneSearch, an amazingly better search experience that redefines search for the phone. It’s designed to give you instant answers—exactly what you need when you’re on the go. Yahoo! oneSearch understands the type of search you’re doing and optimizes the results accordingly—so you get the answers you need instantly with just one click, right there on the page. oneSearch includes more actual content in your initial results than any other search—all grouped by subject matter and relevance, so there’s no sea of links to wade through like with a PC search. It’s easy to read, scroll through, or drill down further if you want more details.

Moreover, oneSearch improves results based on both where you are in the application and where you are in the real world. For instance, launching a search for “eagles” in Sports will return results for the professional football team first. Similarly, searching for a movie will yield showtimes in your local area.

Even using oneSearch is a snap. There’s no need to navigate to a search box or even specify a category. Just start typing anywhere in Yahoo! Go. oneSearch even remembers your previous searches to speed things up.

I understand the need for marketing, but how exact can something be? I’ve run searches for restaurants against a variety of search engines on my phone and generally the results are not bad, returned results were accurate for the location provided. Unfortunately the information is not well linked with the phone meaning that when examining a search result, I could not ask the phone to dial out nor could I text myself the information to save it. I’ve looked at the API for the Razr V3 and it lacks bluetooth connectivity for apps due to the missing bluetooth JSR (JSR 82), referenced from Motorola’s Razr V3 Development Page. This means that 3rd party apps would have to pass information through the internet (GPRS) in order to pass information to another device with both positive and negative consequences.



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